Regular meetings



  • 1100 - Morning worship

We have a simple worship service, comprising the singing of hymns, prayer,  Bible readings and preaching. We use Christian Hymns in our services

  • 1730 - Sunday School

There is no Sunday School at present


  • 1830 - Evening worship

The evening worship service follows a similar format to our morning service

  • 1430 - Short worship service at Cherry Court

Cherry Court Service on the 4th Sunday each month.

Church members are encouraged to come and support this service


There is communion service on the 3rd Sunday morning of each month



  • 1100 - Coffee Morning

   An informal time, everyone welcome to attend. 

A short Bible talk is given by the pastor at the end of our time together  

Enter the church through the side entrance in Linley Rd   

  • 1930 - Bible Study and prayer meeting

The pastor leads the bible study time, and makes us aware of any specific items for prayer

Please check the church calender as occasionally the bible study is held on a Tuesday or Thursday evening instead

The Bible study/Prayer meeting is held in the church hall, Lindley Rd entrance